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Snorprevent. Optimal stimulation comfort.  



The natural and individual solution

Wheather you snore or suffer from obstructive sleep apnoe, Snorprevent is a natural solution which is individually adapted to each patient.

  • has a patent individually adapted mouth floor electrode (IME)
  • optimized treatment comfort,
  • easy handling,
  • only small size of stimulation apparatus,
  • daytime treatment only,
  • cares for a healthy and restful sleeep.

Snorprevent Behälter geschlossenSnorprevent Behälter geöffnet

Snorprevent consists of a portable muscle stimulation apparatus and a patent individual mouth floor electrode (IME) as well as external selfadhesive electrodes.
Arzt und Patient
For manufacturing your personal individual electrode your dentist first has to obtain an imprint of your teeth and of the mouth floor. In so doing an optimal attachment of the electrode can be achieved and so the most effective muscle stimulation can be achieved.

Snorprevent Snorprevent in Aktion

How do you apply the electrode?

The IME is attached to the floor of the mouth like a dental prosthesis, the small adhesive electrode is externally fixed to the neck. Then the electrodes are connected with the stimulation apparatus. Now the stimulation can begin and the intensity can be adjusted as one likes.

When do you apply the electrode?

The treatment should be carried out two times daily for thirty minutes per session during daytime hours only.

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