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Body-Mass-Index online calculator

Over-weighty humans are preload

It are well-known that over-weightyhumans suffer underweight persons more frequently from Schnarchen thannormal or. With this test you can determine whether you belong to thispreloaded group.

Do I have predominance?

Many humans falsely assumethat they are over weighty, although this is of the medical point ofview from not at all the case. Here you can test on-line whether youare over weighty.
The own body should quite possess a sufficient fatportion:
  • 8 - 10 per cent of the koerpermasse of men should consistideal way of fat.
  • 20 - 25 per cent of the koerpermasse of women shouldconsist of fat.

The body needs fatty tissue as energy storage.

Hereunder applieshowever like so often: Too much is harmful and can lead to seriouslong-term sequences. In order to find out, whether one under -, overor normalweighty is, one knows the so-called BMI (Body measure Index)test to accomplish.
This goes with our online BMI calculator completely simply. They can try it out immediately.

The online BMI calculator

your weight in kilogram

your body size incentimeters

The World Health Organization WHO classified predominance andadiposity as follows in its report:

Underweight less than 19
standard weight 19-25
predominance 25-30
adiposity degree of I 30-35
adiposity degree of II 35-40
extremes adiposity degreeof III mehr als 40

Consider please:
  • the BMI is only relevant starting from an age of 16 - 17 years. Thegrowth process can cause strong weight changes
  • sporty persons can have frequently by the structure of muscle a BMIaround 25. In this case naturally no predominance is present.
  • likewise persons with a strong building of bones and without visibleFettleibigkeit can have a higher BMI value

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